20 February 2010

On Amazon.com: Everybody Hurts

Everybody Hurts

Throughout the course of our lives we will be faced with an a unbelievable number of incidents that will tear at our heart strings and test our compassion for our fellow man. Such is the recent devastation that rocked a nation and left countless thousands injured, homeless, and dead. Children left without their parents; parents left without their children. We cannot change what happened, but we can do our part to help in a small way.

Through the beautiful sounds of a song originally recorded by R.E. M., “Everybody Hurts”, and re-recorded by various artists, hearts can be consoled and souls can be strengthened.

Through the charitable giving of us, as survivors, we have the opportunity to help in many ways. Prayers need to be offered up and shirtsleeves need to be rolled up. Monetary donations of all amounts are needed to help the cause and enable Haiti to become a nation that can begin to heal and rebuild.

There are many organizations available to receive your assistance. Some well known and seasoned and some small, but mighty. Unfortunately in all times, there are also those who stream in to take advantage of the compassionate that flows. Beware of these lurkers.

The CD can be purchased at amazon.co.uk which states: “The single will split all proceeds 50/50 between DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) and The Sun newspaper's "Helping Haiti" appeal. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged to waive VAT on the single. Not less than £1 from the sale of this CD and 100% of any profits Amazon makes from this single will be divided equally between Disasters Emergency Committee (registered charity no 1062638) and The Sun's "Helping Haiti" Fund. Monies paid to The Sun's Helping Haiti Fund will be paid directly to a charitable trust set up for The Sun by the Charities Aid Foundation (registered charity number 268369), and all monies received by that trust will be paid to registered charities to help those affected by the earthquake in Haiti.”

I am waiting to get the word from Amazon.com as to the US donations to Haiti, vs going through their UK site. I will update as soon as I have an answer. I have no clue how much £3.48 is converted to American money.

In the meantime, you may listen to this heartfelt song and then I encourage you to offer up your prayers and hug your children... Helping Haiti Everybody Hurts 

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