03 February 2010

Do All Businesses Smell Foul? Is There No Pride Anymore In Business?

Recently I took our poodle to a different groomer that I heard was good and inexpensive. When I walked in the door I didn't like the lack of cleanliness I saw. With a quick whiff of the air and I could smell that familiar odor of pet smells like urine, etc. I felt bad after I left her and told myself next time we will go elsewhere.

I use to take my dogs across the river to a "name brand" pet store for their grooming, but the miles, cost and "wonder about their care" had me looking elsewhere. When I would pick up my dogs, after being there all day while I was at work, they would literally drag me to the nearest patch of grass they could find and would be so parched for water when we finally arrived home.

At the vet’s office where I normally take them, someone always seems to be mopping the floor with bleach water when I take them in, but there are literally stacks of files and paperwork sitting on the desk waiting to be filed and sorted through. And the air, another case of "that" smell that reminds one that someone has left their "mark" behind. One time the owner mentioned that they had just spent a fortune getting the air conditioning serviced, as it had so much hair in it. Duh! You do need to change your filters more often if you have so much pet traffic! Ours are filthy after one month and we have two dogs, are non smokers and keep the doors and windows closed with the air or heat running, 365 days a year.

And, it's not only pet places anymore. The beauty school I recently tried could use a good cleaning and going over. The students don't look "professional", even though the teachers/staff do. One student bent over to pick up something and vividly exposed her purple thong for all in eyesight, while another let her client walk out the door with a HUGE gob of hair hanging onto her backside. I even called it to the attention of my stylist, who was hesitant in telling the other stylist or even going over and cleaning it off herself. I lost count of the amount of times she dropped her comb...

Last night I saw a MANAGER of a local "name brand" fast food restaurant eating fries behind the line! In the years I worked in the food business, I learned from EVERY manager that this was an absolute NO-NO!

I noticed at a clinic I use to go to that if "it falls on the floor, it stays on the floor". That confidentially is practiced more than common sense anymore. You have to fill out all these confidentiality forms for every medical business you go to, but what about patient care? Is it being forgotten and left behind for paperwork and legalities?

I am a believer of it’s a person’s right to wear as many earrings or tattoos as they want - in there private life. They can color their hair and spike it as high as they want like. And, the language! I won’t even go there!. There needs to be a limit clearly defined and adhered to when you are working with the public, with what an employee or business owner does in front of or in earshot of their customers. Their clothes need to be clean, tidy, respectful, in good taste and professional looking. Most of this should just be common sense.

If they're not practicing these tasks of cleanliness or standards, are they washing their hands before they leave the restroom? Or, after eating or smoking or cleaning off tables? Or, after taking care of each patient?

I don't know... Is it me or has a sense of pride in the workplace been replaced by "I'm here for the paycheck and that's all"?

It use to be that most took pride in there work and were very cordial to the customer. Anymore, it seems to be a definite lack of both. Where have all the flowers gone…?

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LisasOwnBlog said...

You put up a good stink with this one! Loved it! Makes me think of Edwina Scissorhands at my last haircut. OUCH!