24 March 2013


Oh Ye of little Faith... Think we can do it?


Believe it or not, there was a day...

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04 March 2013

Journal 2013 - Hey,Hey,Paula

4 March, 2013, 
This morning, when Targe' and I woke up for our normal 5:00 potty run, while waiting for him to knock that he was done, I scrolled around on my phone and read some blogs to which I subscribe. Doing so, got the creative juices flowing and made me think about things to write on Facebook, photograph and Pin on Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest is a great site to get ideas from and Instagram has become a fun place to visit where I have gotten into a photo a day with a theme to share routine.

So, while I was fixing my breakfast, I took some pictures of Targe's normal “watching Grandma fix food” stances. He is so predictable...

I had him and Pepper trained to not beg at my meal time, but, it seems while I was away, some loving dog sitters, who shall remain nameless, starting sharing their people food. How did I catch on? Uh, perhaps, when I returned home, it was their sitting, staring and waiting for a hand out while these “spoilers” were eating. So, now, well, you know how it goes...

And, then, it's on to breakfast and what has to transpire before food goes into mouth. Not my favorite part of the day, but probably the most important. Glucose testing lets me see where I am and where I need to be with my blood sugar readings. By the looks of that number, I probably need to watch the snacking more and move the junk food away from my computer area...

Have a "Great and Blessed Day" and do something good for yourself, while helping others, as well!

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