25 January 2010

Microsoft Security Essentials

After all the hard work from my computer tech friend and myself, we have FINALLY found the culprit causing the problem to my computer to where I could not access Facebook. I would get a message saying it was a restricted site. So, I Googled and found others who had the same problem and suggestions on what to do.
AFTER running AVG, SpyBot (found more files) deleting all History and Temp files from my hard drive, I installed the FREE program. The following is exactly what mine was doing:
It is now gone and I can access Facebook, as well as other sites. My computer is running much quieter and much smoother.

If you are having a problem with pop ups referring to your computer may be in danger and scanning shows all these viruses, BE VERY CAREFUL! It eventually locked up my computer and my friend had to reinstall Windows.
Have a great and blessed day!

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